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Surface Finishes
Finish Description
Number 1BA
Cold rolled on polished rolls, annealed in a protective atmosphere retaining the as-rolled surface appearance.
Number 2BA
Same as 1BA except the annealed strip receives a final skin pass.
Number 1D
Cold rolled, annealed, and pickled.
Number 2D
Cold rolled, annealed, and pickled, or annealed and skin passed with dull rolls.
Number 1B
Cold rolled on polished rolls, annealed, and pickled.
Number 2B
Cold rolled on polished rolls, annealed, pickled, and skin passed on polished rolls.
Number 2TR
Cold rolled to a temper specified by the customer.

Edge Conditions

Edge Description
No. 1 Edge
A prepared edge of a specified contour (round, square, beveled) with very accurate width and suitable for plating.
No. 2 Edge
A natural mill edge.
No. 3 Edge
A square edge produced by slitting or shearing.
No. 4 Edge
A round edge produced by edge rolling.
No. 5 Edge
An approximate square edge produced by rolling or filing of a slit edge or a deburred edge.