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Amstek Metal is owned by Charles G. Stevens Company which was founded in 1898. Four generations of Stevens family members have been engaged in the business of specialty steel sales and distribution at both the Charles G. Stevens Company and Amstek Metal.

Amstek Metal is a multi-location distributor established in 1987 to provide high quality engineered stainless and carbon wire and coil products in any quantity. We focus on providing the precision stampers, spring makers and a variety of products from domestic and overseas sources. In July 1987, the Stevens' formed Amstek Metal with Swedish wire producer Gunnebo to gain access to a broader customer base on the East Coast and to improve its supply base in Sweden. In 1988, Sandvik Steel purchased Gunnebo's wire mill in Sweden and its minority interest in Amstek Metal in order to promote and distribute Swedish produced spring wire into the U.S. market.

Amstek Metal ended a 12-year partnership with Sandvik Steel in 1999 and is now under the direction of the fourth generation of the Stevens family. Operating as an independent distributor and specialty metal provider, our attention is focused on the needs of our customers for improved products and delivery systems at lower costs. From the beginning we have had a singular purpose: serving the individual needs of precision metal fabricators for consistent high-quality specialty metal products from dependable suppliers.

Acting as both a supplier of precision slit coil and wire distributor from global mill sources, Amstek Metal is the perfect partner for those precision metal fabricators seeking on-time delivery, quality and precise answers on a timely basis.

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